Uma conversa

‘Uma Conversa’, completed in Lisbon in August 2016 during an art residency at Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, tried to establish a dialogue with the city of Lisbon so as to reflect about the concepts of light, the passing of time, fragility and silence, all in their relation to the urban space, through a series of images, abstract and metaphorical, taken from the everyday of the city.

Untitled (2016), mixed media on paper, 15 x 15 cm approx. each (x 24)


In particular, the typical paving (‘calçada portuguesa’) covering the ground of Lisbon happened to be a tremendously eloquent element: a multiplier of light and a silent witness of the passing of time (a time it does not belong to anymore), slowly disintegrating in some parts to, perhaps, end up disappearing from the city in a distant future.


A selection of images was reproduced on displaced pieces of the ‘calçada portuguesa’ and then returned to the paving in selected places within Zaratan Arte Contemporânea neighbourhood. The result was documented through photography.

Untitled (2016), digital photography on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm each (x 10)